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The ultimate backgammon study method
that is not available to anyone anymore.

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How can Fish Bust help your game?


With one-click move your mistakes, study and reference positions between Fish Bust and eXtreme Gammon.


Keep track of the positions you need to study and review. Check the progress in improving your thought process over the board.


Alter positions. Add and compare variants to find out why the correct play is the best.


Comment your observations while playing out positions.


Organize positions in categories and attack them all at once. Coming soon.

 Use on Mobile

Save time. Review your positions on smart phones and tablets when you have several minutes to spare.

Why use Fish Bust?

Fish Bust guides your study around the mistakes you made in online games, reference positions, positions from books and other sources.

With Fish Bust you can be sure you never make the same mistake again.

Watch your PR (performance rate in eXtreme Gammon) gradually shrink.

How serious are you about your game?

Fish Bust is a serious tool for serious players. Dedication and hard work are required.

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